Preparing Your Home for the Holidays

The holiday season is quickly approaching and it’s time to start preparing your home for family and friends.

When preparing your home for any event it’s all about your “guest’s experience”. Christopher Wayne Home has some great ways to refresh and prepare for the holiday festivities by adding a little extra special to ensure your guest feel welcome and at home.

The Guest Room

We’ve all stayed with a close friend or family member who just has that special way of making your room feel charming and inviting right? Why not splurge a little with new sheets, sleeper pillows, and a fresh duvet cover.

These are some of my favorites for a quick and inexpensive refresh. Mix them up with soft contrasting colors like grey sheets and pillow cases with a white duvet and pillow shams. To elevate the look just a little add 2 custom pillow covers and new “Made To Order Drapery” to complete the look.

Check out the links below for suggestions on where to get the items you need to give your guests the best experience possible.

Suggested Links:

Made To Order Drapery:

Pillow covers:



Sleeper Pillows:


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